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Charbel Doumit , know his family clients and friends as simply “ Charbel “ – created Hairwaves Beauty Center as a flowing testimony to his personal taste and work ethic.


With over 18 years of experience in the UAE and the region, Charbel has seen hairstyle and beauty trends come and go, and feels confident about offering clients what suit them the most. Charbel has never believed in the “One style fits all “approach, preferring a more organic system driven by each client’s personality and lifestyle.

If has always been his vision that Hairwaves By charbel would be a sanctuary where client stay comfortable, either with their own favorites styles or trying out the latest trends.he seeks to provide an environment that is inviting, positive, inspiring, and most of all, fun for each client. To keep himself updated, Charbel regularly attends hair styling and beauty training programmes and seminars around the world, to come home rejuvenated, with the perfect color, style and proper care in mind for his clients.



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Welcome to our Beauty Hair Salon, where expert stylists meticulously craft personalized looks, elevating your beauty with precision and style, ensuring you leave feeling confident and empowered with each visit


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Welcome to our website showcasing the talented crew behind our salon. Here, you'll meet a team of passionate individuals dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences and elevating your beauty journey. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, ensuring that every visit to our salon is nothing short of extraordinary. From expert stylists to friendly receptionists, our crew is committed to providing personalized service and making you feel welcomed and valued from the moment you walk through our doors.

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